Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Introduction to Sixth Grade Social Studies

Welcome to sixth grade Social Studies. For many of you, it's the first time you have Social Studies as a separate and unique class. I hope that I will help you see a world beyond the borders of our town, state, and country--and particularly to see the world as it was before our time.
Social Studies is a subject that includes history, geography, world culture study, and current events. This year our curriculum will be based upon the most influential ancient civilizations in history.
While we examine the world, and the societies of the past, we will also be working on several important skills such as expository writing and research. These skills are important not just for sixth grade, but for the rest of your educational career.
This website is designed with you the student in mind. I hope you find lots of resources on here that help you learn more about my class, about the sixth grade Social Studies curriculum, about the Cluster 2 experience, and about how interesting and exciting world history can be!
Lastly, I want you to know that I have a passion for history, and I hope that it shows in everything I do in the classroom. I like to balance the work you do with a great deal of fun--through interactive projects, a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, special event days, class discussions, and interdisciplinary units with other subjects, such as Science and Language Arts.
Throughout the year, we'll be working on five important skills during all of our different units. These skills are meant to carry on with you through your years in school and beyond:
Research Skills and Using Resources to Interpret the Past
Expository Writing Skills
Historical Knowledge in Context
Geography Skills
Student Professionalism

Here's a glance at what we'll be learning about this year:
World Geography
Human Origins

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