Monday, January 11, 2010

Student Leadership Team: Update

The High Rock Student Leadership Team had a great 2009, with several successful fundraisers, activities, and spirit days. Looking forward, we plan several spirit days and activities to keep us pumped during the winter months. The next meeting is this Wednesday, January 13.

Here's a recap of what the Student Leadership Team has done so far:

-The Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest helped bring advisories together in planning and creating entries for the contest.

-In November, the Student Leadership Team raised money for Turkeys 4 America, an organization that seeks to provide Thanksgiving meals to needy families. High Rock raised just over $2,000 in a matter of five days. Here is an excerpt from Danny Nally, the co-founder of the organization:
"I wanted to follow up and congratulate both you and your students on another amazing fundraising effort this year. The Pollard and High Rock Schools not only finished 1st and 2nd for schools in terms of donations, but also represented the two highest donations overall for this year! The two schools combined to provide over 12,000 servings of turkey at Thanksgiving, enough to feed almost a third of Fenway Park! This is a remarkable accomplishment, and we can't thank you enough for your support.

What makes your donation even more impressive to Betsy and I is that you have been in our corner not just this year, but for every year since Olivia Boyd started raising money almost a decade ago. We honestly did not know what to expect this year given the economic downturn, and cannot thank you and your students enough for keeping us in your thoughts during this time. If there is anyway that we can help in the future, whether it be congratulating the student councils in person, speaking to them in future years, or anything else you can think of, please let us know.

Thank you again for all of your support over the years, and have a happy and safe 2010.
-Also in November, the SLT prepared several dozen gift baskets/centerpieces for the Needham Rotary Club and the Needham Community Council to give away at their annual Thanksgiving dinner.

-In the annual Coats for Kids drive sponsored by Anton's Cleaners, the High Rock School donated 63 winter coats to help homeless children and young adults stay warm.

-For our Give a Gift/Grant a Wish Program, the Students of High Rock donated several dozen new toys, games, books, art supplies, and puzzles for kids in the hospital over the holidays.

The SLT also met with Mrs. Downey, the principal, to both ask questions and voice areas for improvement from the High Rock student perspective. Overall, the students were very supportive and excited about being the first class to come through the school, while expressing their thoughts and advice to help her keep students' concerns in mind.

If you haven't come by an SLT meeting yet, you are welcome to come to any meeting on a Wednesday afternoon.

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