Saturday, April 17, 2010

I KNOW, eh?

AAAAGGHHH! I hate all volcanoes in Iceland. So I haven't heard anything different from the travel agent since the last email saying I might be leaving Tuesday or Wednesday, but the way the people on the news are talking about it, it doesn't look good.

At least one nice thing is that I got an email from the dog breeder saying that she expects my puppy (and his brothers and sisters) to be born this week! The breed is the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Here's what my puppy will look like:

I still have to build a fence around my yard, and come up with a name for him. I've heard about the Invisible Fence that is like an electronic barrier around the house. Do any of you have one of those? If so, does it work?

I've narrowed down the name choices to two (both Italian of course): Aldo (after my uncle that lives in Torino, Italy) or Luca (which means "Lucas" in Italian). Which one should I go with?


  1. Hi Mr.G!!!
    That tottaly stinks that u can't leave till Tuesday or Wednesday!! :(
    Your puppy is sooooooooo cute!!!! i like both names either wuld be good!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a good trip!!!!

  2. Hi...
    I was just wondering when we wuld no who we r going to be for our Great Greak project....
    have a good trip!!!

  3. Hi Mr. Guerriero,
    I am really sorry you can't leave until tuesday or wednesday. Your puppy is so cute! I think you should name him Luca. Have fun in Greece!

  4. hi mr.g your puppy is going to be so cute i agree u should name him LUCA

  5. Hi Mr.G.
    Sorry you can't leace yet. :-(
    But Have fun in Greece when you get there!
    Oh and, yeah, electric fences do work.
    C ya!

  6. Hi, Mr. G
    Your puppy is so cute, you should name him LUCA. The name is pretty.
    c ya!
    Also almost forgot electric fences "DO WORK"!!!

  7. i agree go with Luca!!!!! The name is realllly cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!