Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just got the official word from the Greece Program coordinator:
Dear All, 
I have read your e-mails and understand your frustration. After careful consideration of the disruption of the volcanic eruption and several conference calls with Konstantinos in Washington, and Maria in Athens, it has become clear that there are too many unknowns for us to bring you to Greece at this time.

We have just received information from Lufthansa that you can check your bags only to Frankfurt – not Athens. At this time Lufthansa cannot guarantee that you will be able to get to Athens once you arrive in Germany. People have poured into our Athens hotel after traveling 30 to 40 hours and still have not reached their destinations. The volcano continues to be unpredictable causing concerns that your return flight could be cancelled, as a consequence you could be stranded incurring in more expenses.

In the next few days Konstantinos will be in touch with ramifications of the cancellation and options for re-scheduling. He and Maria are working diligently to minimize any cancellation penalties that are beyond their control.

Please know that this was a difficult decision for everyone, your safety is our highest priority.

My very best,

So...it looks like I'll be back in school on Monday!


  1. I am sooo sorry you can't go to Greece.

  2. Hi Mr.G!!!
    i am sooo sry that u can't go to Greece!!!!! That makes me really sad!!!!!!!! :(
    I am soooo sry!!!!! :(

  3. I am sorry.. i bet that u r reallllllly mad!!!!!
    i wuld be!!!!!!!!!!

  4. GAAAAAAAA! Stupid volcano, guess you just had bad timing and luck. Whatevah! Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!

  5. Soooo sorry you can't go! :(

  6. Hey Mr.Guerriero!
    I just logged on to check all the sites before we go back to school & saw everything about your grecce trip....that STINKS!...sorry!
    ---Sammy D.