Thursday, April 29, 2010

Planning Great Greek Day

Great Greek Day is going to be Friday, May 7 in Cluster 2. The day is a fun mix of meeting and greeting mythological and real characters from Greek culture. In order to participate, all students must complete their Great Greek project by Wednesday, May 5. 

There are three components to the day: your Greek project, your costume, and the Great Greek Feast.

If you are still working on either the research or the typing of the information for the back of your coin, a great resource is our school librarian, Mrs. Vaccaro. If you check out the High Rock Media Center website, there are links to several databases of reliable information, and to the bibliography tool NoodleBib.

First, your project consists of a "coin" made from cardboard or foam core. The grading rubric looks like this:

___ picture of the character
___ character's name
___ a made-up slogan for the character (can be funny)
___ student's name somewhere
___ anything else student wants to do to decorate

___ bullet points of information about the character
 (at least 5 long or 10 short)
___ list of sources, at least one print and two internet
___ anything else student wants to do to decorate

(Following directions, meeting the requirements, neatness, and passing project in on time)
7, Above the Standard (You did more than what was required)
6, At the Standard (You did just what was required)
5, Approaching the Standard (You did almost everything required) 
4, Well Below the Standard (You did not meet several requirements)

    Your costume will reflect the person you have researched. It will include certain elements, accessories, and a sign. I'll post more on this during the weekend.

    Lastly, it is really important to give the pink sheet to your parents asking if they would like to attend, and if they are able to bring in food for our Great Greek Feast.


    1. Do u need to hand in your notes with the Greek project??? thxs

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