Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who Will You Be on Great Greek Day?

In class on Friday, we went around and came up with ideas, and made sure each person had at least a top choice. There were only a few characters that had more than three repeats, so everyone else is guaranteed to be their first choice. For those of you who chose one of the repeated characters, you have two choices: stick with that person knowing that there will be a few of you, or choose to a more unique character that you're into. As long as you have a character that you can research, and that you feel good about, it's all good.

The best thing you can do is to look either online or in the Needham Library for some information this week, so that you come back to school ready to go. 

Again, feel free to post a comment if you have questions for me, or need advice (at least before I go to Greece, if I ever do). Also, Mrs. Vaccaro will be in class next Monday and she can help you either find a character or find more information about one.

Good luck!


  1. KK thxs Mr.G!!!!!
    ur awesome!!!!!!!!!! and verrrrry helpful!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can't wait to learn about the giant rhinos


  3. Im the Minotaur rawr