Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MFA Preview: The Giza Archives

Today Social Studies Blocks 1 and 2 visited the Museum of Fine Arts. The feedback from both chaperones and from the Museum tour guides, the Cluster 2 students were on their best behavior, were knowledgeable, curious, and made the most of this field trip. I was very pleased with how things went, and I'm sure Blocks 3 and 4 will live up to the standard set by the students today.

As a follow-up, or as a preview, students should check out the Giza Archives section of the MFA website. As you may know, the Museum and Harvard University teamed up in the early 1900s to conduct archaeological digs in the area of the Giza Plateau, the location of the Great Pyramids. The MFA was the only American museum allowed to dig there. As a result, the evidence gathered from these digs has been some of the most important information uncovered about Egyptian history.

The Giza Archives have the original documents, photos, and writings of the original archaeologists on the dig. Many of the artifacts in the MFA's Egyptian collection can be seen in these photos as they appeared in situ.

Check it out:

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