Thursday, May 27, 2010

Roman Architecture

As we discussed in class today, the Romans copied several aspects of the Greek culture and adapted them to their own. For example, the Greek gods and religious system was the same in Rome, but the gods were assigned different names.

In architecture, the Romans used Greek style and building techniques to create huge structures. This includes the use of columns, pediments, and architraves in the construction of temples.

The following videos will give you more information. On the second video, pay attention to how the arch is used to create larger, sturdy structures.


  1. Hi! Thank you for t you he info. its cool. Couldn't you just call the Romans copy cats of the Greeks!
    ---Sammy Friedman***

  2. These videos are great- are there are any more videos I could borrow from you to show at home? Can you let me know?
    Thanks- Liz ragnoni