Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early Humans Word Cards: The Instructions

In class this week we are working on our Early Humans Word Cards. Be sure yours are legible, neat, and all the information is accurate.

Human Origins Study Cards
Professionalism Standard (PROF)

Objective: To show the progression of human evolution from Ardipithecus to Homo sapiens.

Materials: Nine 4x6 index cards, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pencil, icon sheet, scissors, glue, yarn, hole puncher

Procedure: You will use what we have learned about early species of humans to create study cards. Follow these guidelines:

One card is the cover.  It has your first and last name, advisory and block number. It should have “Early Humans” written in large, colorful letters.

Each human species has its own card. On the blank side, write the name of the human species and glue on the icons for that specific human. For "Ardi," you will need to draw the icons since the discovery of Ardipithecus is so new.

On the lined side, write the name of the species at the top, followed by a bulleted list of that human’s attributes. Use the information from the Blog entry above (this information is the same as the pink sheets we used in class).

The last card of the group is the key. Cut the key off of the icon sheet. Color it and label it “Key.”

Punch the cards in the TOP, LEFT corner. Use the yarn to tie them all together. (If you don't have yarn or a hole puncher at home, just come into class and we'll do it then)

Check with Mr. Guerriero before you are done.

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