Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your Ice Man Article

In class, we've been working on creating an article about the Ice Man, including your inferences about his life, death, and the world in which he lived. Here is the assignment:

Iceman Article

Be a National Geographic Writer!

To write this article, I want you to pretend that you are a National Geographic journalist.  Your job is to report all of the important information about our mummified friend, and to educate people on what it all means.  You need to connect all the artifacts that I show you and the information you learn from the video, and come up with your own inferences about Iceman’s life and death.

Outline for the Article
You need an interesting cover for your article (like a
 National Geographic cover)

1st Paragraph- Introduction and general information

         When and where was Iceman found
            Who found him
            How he was found
            Explain the excavation
            Any additional general information you think is important
* Use you video notes to help

2nd & 3rd Paragraphs- Explain the artifacts found with him

         Explain in detail- his ax, boots, quiver, pouch, and his remains.
Use your notetaking sheets to help you remember the information.

4th Paragraph- Conclusion and inferences

Explain your inferences about Iceman’s life and death.  Use the artifacts as the evidence to prove your inferences.  Use your notes from class to help.

**Your article should also contain captions, quotes, headings, and pictures that can be included in any of the above 3 paragraphs.


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  2. thats such a creepy pitcher of iceman

  3. Hey its matt ahearn from cluster 5 this info is really cool and were learning it in class THANKS!!!!