Monday, January 10, 2011

Mesopotamia Electronic Resources

I received the following message from Mrs. Vaccaro, our school librarian, with some useful information.

Thanks for letting me help in your class today. It gives me a better perspective on the research skills these sixth graders use. I put in two good links for Persia on the Mesopotamia website. There are a lot of clicks to get to my website from Google. If the kids are using your blog, you could put a direct link.  The link to Marshall Cavendish Ancient Civilizations is

Many kids were looking for the "daily life" types of questions. One strategy would be to look up terms like "trade" "transportation" "houses and homes" "farming" in the Marshall Cavendish Ancient Civilizations database or books. The daily life of most of these cultures is not wildly different, and all articles mention Mesopotamia and sometimes specific kingdoms.

Elizabeth Vaccaro
Media Specialist
High Rock School

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