Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tonight's homework asks about culture in preparation for All About My Culture Day, which is Wednesday, March 30th. You should think about what "artifacts" you might bring in to teach your classmates about your culture.

What is meant by culture?
A culture consists of the behaviors, beliefs, customs, and attitudes of a group of people. It is reflected in the art, literature, the language, the inventions, and traditions of the people. It is affected by the geography and climate of where people live.
What were the accomplishments of the earliest cultures?
  • Creating tools--simple stone ones at first, then more complex tools
  • Working together--humans hunt and live in groups
  • Setting rules--developing rules for people to live by
  • Starting to farm
  • Developing written language
  • Cave paintings
  • Specialization of labor--people having different jobs
  • Building cities
  • Setting up systems of government
  • Bringing people together to exchange ideas

What causes cultures to change?
New ideas and inventions
Changes in environment such as the climate, or natural disasters
Contact with other cultures
The sharing of new ideas through cultural diffusion
Changes within a society--such as population growth and conflict or war

What is meant by multicultural?
This is a "think about it and give your own ideas" question


  1. i had a hard time with this question so I looked it up and 1 result was you haha!!!

  2. thank u 4 this info it really HELPED ME

  3. For our artifacts, do we have to have 6 artifacts or can we have more/less?

  4. Check the rubric on page 2 of the Culture Day packet for the number of artifacts.

  5. Bring me home a souvenier Mr. Guerriero!