Monday, May 9, 2011

How Does Greek Culture Influence Us Today?

In summing up the influence of Greek culture on America today, please copy the following information into the grid on page 17 of your Greece packet.

How Does Greek Culture Influence Us Today?

Field of Study: Literature                          Modern Example
*Epic Poetry                                                    *Harry Potter series
*Lyric Poetry (love poems)                        *Pop music lyrics
*Drama (comedy and tragedy)                 *Live plays, Musicals, TV

Field of Study: Art and Sculpture               Modern Example 
*Realistic Art                                                   *Statue of Liberty
*Lifelike forms and bodies                         *Lincoln Memorial

Field of Study: History                                 Modern Example 
*Herodotus - "Just the facts"                     *Modern historians
*Thucydides - Use of eyewitnesses             *News reporters

Field of Study: Philosophy                           Modern Example 
*Socrates                                                          *Anyone who seeks the
*Plato                                                                 truth by asking questions

Field of Study: Math and Science
*Euclid - "Father of Geometry
*Aristarchus - "Earth revolves around the sun"
*Hippocrates - "Father of Medicine"


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  3. The statue of liberty looks a lot like the colossus at Rhodes and The Lincon Memeorial looks a lot like the statue of Zeus at olympia (just an observance)

  4. No problem. Dawson, enjoy that lobster!

    George, you are the MAN! Excellent connections between both the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial and the ancient Greek equivalents.

  5. On number 5 there are no modern examples.

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  8. Right, there aren't any modern examples for the last one because we still believe the sun is the center of the solar system...