Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your Iceman Article

In class, we've been working on creating an article about the Ice Man, including your inferences about his life, death, and the world in which he lived. We will continue working on it in class, and the final report is due Friday, December 7th (though it is ok to hand it in on Monday if you plan on writing over the weekend). Here is the assignment:

Iceman Article

Be a National Geographic Writer!

To write this article, I want you to pretend that you are a National Geographic journalist.  Your job is to report all of the important information about our mummified friend, and to educate people on what it all means.  You need to connect all the artifacts that I show you and the information you learn from the video, and come up with your own inferences about Iceman’s life and death.

Outline for the Article
Cover (optional)-
You may have an interesting cover for your article (like a National Geographic cover) including:
Heading - Name, date, block

1-2 Paragraph
Explain your inference about Iceman’s life.  Use the artifacts as the evidence to prove your inference.  Write about each of the artifacts that help support your inference.  Remember, with enough support, your ideas are just as useful and important as any other scientist.

Writing Skills                            _____/ 20
(10 pts)    

  • Formal voice (uses 3rd person)
  • No questions


  • Opening sentence
  • Concluding sentence
  • Indent paragraph


  • Make an inference about Iceman’s life 
  • Use 3-5 details to support your inference


  • Proper punctuation
  • Proper capitalization
  • Proper spelling

Note taking                                   _____/ 10
(10 pts)

  • Notes are neat, legible and make sense
  • Summarizes important information

Professionalism                            _____/ 10

(2 pts)

  • Works well with classmates

(5 pts)
  • Heading- Name, date, block
  • Title
  • Hands the paragraph in on time

(3 pts)
  • 12 point font
  • Plain text
  • Double spaced

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