Thursday, March 14, 2013

Egypt's New Kingdom

Q1. What were the achievements of the Egyptians during the period of the New Kingdom?

Some important achievements of the New Kingdom:
  • Hatshepsut built obelisks, monuments and temples
  • A more accurate calendar
  • Thutmose III greatly expanded Egypt's territory
  • Medical knowledge: created the world's first medical text book
  • A time of great power and wealth for Egypt
  • New trade routes throughout Middle East
  • Constructed Valley of the Kings (for tombs) with great works of art inside

Q2. Which Egyptian ruler was more like Sargon of Akkad in goals and achievements, Hatshepsut or Thutmose III?  How?
Thutmose III
  • a man
  • interested in conquering and war
  • (Hatshepsut was more interested in trade, building, and improving lives)

 Q3. After the death of an Egyptian ruler, who usually ruled next? How does this custom explain why some texts call Hatshepsut a king?

      The next pharaoh would normally be the King's oldest son (or the next male in the family tree)
  •      Queen = the wife of the king (rich lady with no power)
  •      Hatshepsut = had all the power of a true pharaoh
Q4. Scholars have concluded that the Egyptians feared change and disorder. Both Hatshepsut and Thutmose III brought changes to Egypt. What changes might have worried the Egyptians?

     *Egyptians wanted ORDER out of chaos
  •      Hatshepsut -- a woman pharaoh!
  •      Thutmose III -- started many wars (war = violent, unpredictable, expensive, people die)

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