Thursday, April 25, 2013

All About Great Greek Day

There are a couple of opportunities coming up for parents to participate in our cluster's activities.

Great Greek Day will be Thursday, May 2nd. As you know, students have been working on researching and gathering information about a character from Greek history or mythology. On Greek Day, the students will dress up as their Greek character and interact with each other, sharing their research and showing off their costumes.

Traditionally, Greek Day has included a Great Greek Feast with food for the kids to enjoy along the lines of an ancient symposium. The food is provided through the generosity of parents. All we ask is for a little bit from each student, to make a big feast when all together.

We try to eat healthy foods along the lines of grapes, watermelon, orange slices, salads of all kinds, water, grape juice, milk, lemonade, pita bread, feta cheese, olives, hummus, and other finger foods.

Some folks choose to make more elaborate Greek foods like meat or cooked foods. These are appreciated, but certainly not expected. I just ask that homemade foods include full ingredient lists to allow kids with food allergies to make informed decisions. Still others choose to send in paper goods like cups and napkins.

Lastly, all parents are welcome to come into school and join us to help set up and break down the feast itself, as well as interacting with all of the ancient "Greeks." The feast would be happening from 8:45 - 9:30 A.M. in our cluster area. Please let Mr. Guerriero know if you wish to come in on that day by filling out the yellow form the students brought home.

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  1. Oh I remember when we did Great Greek Day! It was sooo much fun with all of the people dressed up and all of the cool displays! I miss you cluster 2!