Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Notes: The Birth of Rome

On page 11 of your Rome packet, be sure you have the notes for the early settlement of Rome.

What do legends tell us about these Roman kings?



*Abandoned as a baby into the Tiber River
*Raised by a she-wolf
*Adopted by a shepherd
*Killed his twin brother Remus
*Built Rome, named it for himself
*Rome’s second king
*Brought peace to Rome
*Founded the Roman religion (based on Greek gods and goddesses)

What was the government of Rome like under the early kings?
*Kings advised by the Senate
*Kings were elders from Rome’s leading families
*Decisions voted on by citizens’ assembly
*Government and religion closely connected
*King was chief priest (Pontifex Maximus)

How was Roman civilization influenced by the Etruscans?
*Etruscan civilization was more advanced
*Romans adopted Etruscan alphabet, new building techniques like the arch
*Etruscans were builders of temples, arenas, and sewer systems
*Etruscan women had far more rights than other women

Describe the geography of Rome.
*Built on several hills on the Tiber River, which flows into the Mediterranean
*Centered on the Italian peninsula, which sticks out into the Mediterranean
*Close enough to the coast for trade, but inland enough for protection
An early view of Rome as a small village
How was the geography of Rome advantageous in the following areas?



*Hills helped to protect Rome from enemy attacks
*15 miles from the sea keeps Rome safe from naval attacks

*Tiber River good for trade within Italy, and connects Rome to the sea
*Central location of Italy in the Mediterranean makes an easy trip to Greece, Spain, Northern Africa

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