Monday, May 13, 2013

Rome Vocabulary

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1. amphitheater
A round arena where games, shows, or fights are held in the center

The Colesseum at night
 2. aqueduct
A bridge-like structure used to carry water from a distant source

3. assassinate
To kill someone suddenly for political reasons

4. citizens’ assembly
All citizens of the Roman Republic gathered together to elect the senate and the tribunes (includes patricians and plebeians)

5. Colosseum
The largest amphitheater of Rome, famous for gladiator fights

6. consul
One of the two executive leaders of the Roman Republic, advised by the senate

7. dictator
One person with absolute power over the government (only allowed during times of emergency)

8. forum
The central place of a Roman city, designed for politics and business

9. Latin
The language spoken by the Romans, named after the tribe they were from

10. omen
A sign from the gods about the future

11. patrician
A member of the small class of wealthy families in ancient Rome

12. Pax Romana
Period of time when Rome was at peace and united for 200 years (27 B.C. - 180 A.D.)

13. plebeian
A large bulk of middle class citizens in Rome who were mostly shopkeepers, artisans, and peasants

14. republic
A system of government in which citizens elect leaders to make decisions

15. senate
A council of elders from Rome’s leading families who vote on laws

16. tribune
Elected leaders who represented the plebeians, and had the power to veto any action of the senate
A Map of the Roman Empire

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