Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Barbarians: The Goths

In the 5th century A.D., the Roman Empire fell apart. There were two main factors that led to the downfall of the world's mightiest empire: corruption and weakness within the empire, and invasions from several barbarian tribes. In class we looked at the Goths, a tribe from Eastern Europe that began migrating into the Balkan area of what is today Bulgaria, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia.

Some key points of discussion:
  • The Goths sack the city of Rome in 410 A.D.
  • The Emperor Valens was killed in a losing battle against the Goths in 378 A.D.
  • The Roman Empire adopts Christianity as the official religion
  • The Goths covert to Christianity under their chief Fritigern
  • The Romans treat the Goths very harshly as they enter the Empire


  1. Since this answers the rest of the questions on the sheet about the video that we received in class can we finish the notes tonight? Or are we going to watch the rest of the video in class tomorrow?

  2. HI MR. GUERRIERO!!!!!! its inessa and annemarie from last year!!!!! We miss cluster two soooo much it was so fun!!!! have a nice summer! bye!