Friday, September 20, 2013

"Make Your Own Country" Map Project

You will become a cartographer for the next couple of days. Your job is to imagine a country and create a map of the place. As always, you are expected to do your best work and follow the directions.

The map includes the following required items.
(Each item is worth 3 points)
  • Map Key (Legend)
  • Colors or Shading
  • Map Scale
  • Compass Rose
  • Symbols
  • Grid Lines (drawn or folded on)
  • Title
  • Labels of Places
Challenge: Your map must include 2 additional items from this list.
(Each item is worth 2 points. You may put more than 2 of these.)
  • Chart (population density, etc.)
  • Relief lines (showing elevation, or how high or low the land is)
  • Inset map (a smaller map set into the larger one)
  • Graphics
  • Border Lines
  • Captions
  • Heights/Depths
  • Other: _________________________
Neatness and professionalism are important as well.
(Each item is worth 1 point)
  • Student’s name and block are on the back
  • Student completes a rough draft first
  • All lines are drawn using a ruler
  • Coloring is neat and carefully done
  • Labels are neatly written and spelled correctly
  • Map is handed in by Monday, September 30th.

Total Score: _______/ 34

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