Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Archaeological Dig: Rubric

Here is the detailed rubric for your archaeological dig project.

High Rock Archaeological Dig Project

1. A scientific sketch for each artifact
θ    Is appropriately colored
θ    Has a title
θ    Has at least 3 labels to explain what it is
θ    Includes required measurements
θ    Fills the paper/shows the artifact from different angles
θ    Shows what the entire artifact may have been (extrapolation)

RSCH_____ /12

2. A write-up for each artifact giving the physical properties
θ    Length
θ    Width
θ    Height
θ    Mass
θ    Magnetic attraction
θ    Odor (if any)
θ    Texture
θ    Hardness
θ    Material the artifact is made of (an educated guess)
θ    Color/Description
θ    Shape

RSCH____ /11

3. A written explanation of what you believe the artifact to be
θ    Name/explain what the artifact is
θ    An educated guess about what the entire object used to be
θ    Estimated age of the object
θ    If the object is connected to others at the dig site
θ    How might an object like that end up where you found it

RSCH____ /14

4. Working collaboratively and staying on task
θ    Communicating with all group members
θ    Sharing work equally
θ    Handling the artifacts carefully
θ    Putting forward your best effort
θ    Staying on the task at hand

PROF____/ 10

5. Meeting or exceeding the requirements of the project
θ    All artifacts have write-ups, sketches, and analysis
θ    A cover sheet includes the group’s names and block
θ    All work is submitted by the assigned due date: __________________

PROF____ /3

Total Research Score: _____ / 37

Total Professionalism Score: _____ / 13

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