Monday, October 7, 2013

Archaeology Unit Vocabulary

On Thursday, October 17th, there will be a test on Archaeology vocabulary, dating methods, and other concepts we'll discuss in our Archaeology Unit.

Archaeologists at work: Rome 2013
Here are the vocab words and definitions. You should have this on pages 2-3 of your Archaeology Packet:

Archaeology Vocabulary
Get ready to dig…Like in the DIRT!!

The study of past civilizations by examining artifacts and other remains

The study of human beings and their culture

The study of prehistoric human beings and how they lived

The study of the earth and its composition

A record of what happened in the past, or an explanation of the past

History BEFORE the invention of writing (adj. = prehistoric)

primary source
A source produced during the same time period as it describes; a firsthand or eyewitness account

secondary source
A source produced at a later date by those studying primary sources

An object that was made by humans and that is of archaeological importance

The remains or imprint of a plant or animal from a past age

oral tradition
History that is passed down by word of mouth, or storytelling

cultural diffusion
The spreading of ideas from one group of people to another

The act of digging out a site by removing dirt; can also refer to the site itself
(verb = excavate)

A layer of the earth, especially in an archaeological dig

The act of removing one stratum at a time, especially in looking for artifacts

in situ
in the place” where an artifact was found

chronological order
In order of time, from earliest to latest

radiocarbon dating
Determining the date of an object by measuring the amount of carbon decay

How does this image demonstrate the idea of cultural diffusion?

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