Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mesopotamia Vocabulary

In your Mesopotamia packet, be sure to complete the definitions on pages 2-4 if you didn't get a chance to finish in class. The Map and Vocab quiz will be on Friday, December 20th.

1. Domesticate - to make useful to humans

2. Agriculture - the growing of crops and raising of animals for food (also called "farming")

3. Surplus - an extra of something (especially crops or natural resources)

4. Scarcity - not enough of something

5. Civilization - A complex society that includes:
  • A stable food supply
  • Specialization of labor (people having different jobs)
  • System of government
  • Social levels
  • A highly developed culture

6. City-state - an independent city and the surrounding farmland

7. Irrigation - supplying water to dry land by means of pipes, ditches, and canals

8. Polytheism - a belief in many gods

9. Empire - a nation and the other nations it has conquered

10. Nomad - a person who moves with his flocks and herds as the seasons change to find water and pasture

11. Scribe - a professional writer or record keeper

12. Exile - a forced absence from one's country

13. Cuneiform - wedge-shaped characters made with a reed stylus and used in writing several ancient languages

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  1. for domesticate you might want to add at the end (plants and animals).