Thursday, December 12, 2013

Speaking of Barter Day...

Think you can't get anything by bartering but tacky knickknacks? Think again! A Canadan guy named Kyle MacDonald used bartering to go from a small red paperclip to a house. He worked his way across the country trading one thing for another without the use of money. I wonder if anyone will carry Barter Day that far...

Check out an article about him from the BBC News:
Man turns paper clip into house

 Here's the timeline of trading followed by Kyle MacDonald:
  • On July 14, 2005, he went to Vancouver and traded the paperclip for a fish-shaped pen.
  • He then traded the pen the same day for a hand-sculpted doorknob from Seattle, Washington, which he nicknamed "Knob-T."
  • He then traveled to Amherst, Massachusetts, with a friend to trade the Knob-T for a Coleman camp stove (with fuel).
  • He went to San Clemente, California, and traded the camp stove for a Honda generator.
  • He made a second (and successful) attempt (after having the generator confiscated by the New York City Fire Department) in Maspeth, Queens, to trade the generator for an "instant party."
  • He traded the "instant party" to Quebec comedian and radio personality Michel Barrette for a Ski-doo snowmobile.
  • Within a week of that, he traded the snowmobile for a two-person trip to Yahk, British Columbia.
  • The second person on the trip to Yahk traded Kyle a cube van for the privilege. 
  • He traded the cube van for a recording contract with Metal Works in Toronto.
  • He traded the recording contract to Jody Gnant for a year's rent in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • He traded the one year's rent in Phoenix, Arizona, for one afternoon with Alice Cooper.
  • He traded the one afternoon with Alice Cooper for a KISS motorized snow globe.
  • He traded the KISS motorized snow globe to Corbin Bernsen for a role in the film Donna on Demand.
  • On or about July 5, 2006, he traded the movie role for a two-story farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Don't forget your tacky knickknacks on Thursday!

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