Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ancient Egypt Vocabulary

Our Ancient Egypt Vocabulary Words

1. Delta: A triangle-shaped area of rich soil where a river dumps into a larger body of water

2. Cataract: Steep rapids in a river, or a very large waterfall

3. Mummy: A dead body embalmed according to the Egyptians’ religion

4. Hieroglyphics: Egyptian writing system in which pictures are used for sounds

5. Pyramid: Structure built in ancient Egypt as a tomb with four triangular sides and a square base

6. Pharaoh: A god/king of ancient Egypt - believed to have magical powers

7. Dynasty: A series of rulers from the same family

8. Afterlife: A life after death - believed by the Egyptians to be better than this life

9. Papyrus: A long, thin reed that grows along rivers; also the paper-like writing material made from these reeds

10. Embalm: To prevent the decay of a dead body by treating it with preservatives

11. Obelisk: A tall, four-sided stone pillar that tapers to a point like a pyramid

12. Upper Egypt: The SOUTHERN area around the narrow Nile - extending 500 miles to the south

13. Lower Egypt: The NORTHERN part of Egypt, around the delta

14. Nubia: Geographic region in the Nile Valley between the first and fifth cataracts; where the present day country of Sudan is located, south of Egypt

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