Monday, September 12, 2016

Create Your State Map Project

You will become a cartographer for the next couple of days. Your job is to imagine a new state and create a map of the place. As always, you are expected to do your best work and follow the directions. Please see Mr. Guerriero if you have any questions at all, if you want some help, or if you want to see the examples of finished maps!

Check the student Atlas or the box of National Geographic maps in the classroom for inspiration and ideas of what to put on your map. Remember, the goal is to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW about how maps give information, not just to make it look pretty!

The map must include the following required items. (Each item is worth 2 points)
  • Map Key (Legend)
  • Colors or Shading using colored pencils
  • Map Scale with metric measurements
  • Compass Rose
  • Symbols
  • Grid Lines (drawn or folded)
  • Title (name of your state)
  • Labels of at least 10 places (city, mountain, river, etc.)
  • Capital City
Challenge: Your map must include 2 items from this list. (Each item is worth one point. You may put more than 2 of these.)
  • Chart (population density, etc.)
  • Relief lines (showing elevation, or how high or low the land is)
  • Inset map (a smaller map set into the larger one)
  • Graphics
  • Border Lines
  • Captions
  • Heights/Depths
  • Other: _________________________
Neatness and professionalism are important as well.
(Each item is worth 1 point)
  • Student’s name and block are on the back
  • Student completes a rough draft first
  • All lines are drawn using a ruler
  • Coloring is neat and carefully done
  • Labels are neatly written and spelled correctly
  • Map is handed in by Friday, September 16th.

Total Score: _______/ 26

In class, we used J. R. R. Tolkein's maps of the Lord of the Rings series for inspiration of how to map imaginary places. Here is our art teacher, Mrs. Krantz's, slideshow of some mapmaking techniques. Check out the links at the end as well.

Mrs. Krantz's Map Inspiration Slide Show

Check out this aweseme interactive map from The Hobbit's world of Middle Earth:

Also, here is a CHEEZ-TASTIC explanation of how highway maps were made back in the 1940s. How has map making changed since then?


Here is an interesting interview with an artist who redrew the maps for the Lord of the Rings series:

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