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Minoan Art

Tonight's homework has an activity at the bottom. In order to earn a full credit on this assignment, you'll need to complete the "Art Activity" on a separate piece of paper. Be sure you put your best effort into it.

"Art Activity: Find a picture of a Minoan wall painting in a book (or on a website) about the ancient Greeks. Using the picture as a guide, draw your own Minoan wall painting on a large piece of paper. Color the drawing with bright colored markers, crayons, paint, or colored pencils."

Here are some useful sources:


Ancient Greece Unit Vocabulary

Here are the vocabulary words and definitions for our Greece unit. Copy them into your notebook.

1. Monarchy: A monarchy is a government with one person in control. Usually the king’s oldest son takes over when a king dies.

2. Oligarchy: An oligarchy is a government in which a small group of people makes the decisions.

3. Democracy: A democracy is a government in which all citizens make decisions by voting.

4. Tyrant: A tyrant is a person who takes power by force. A government ruled by a tyrant is called a tyranny.

5. Oracle: An oracle is a prediction about the future. An oracle is also the person who makes a prediction. The oracle was believed to talk to a god or ancestor.