Minoan Art

The Minoans lived on the island of Crete and had a strong connection to the sea

Tonight's homework has an activity at the bottom. In order to earn a full credit on this assignment, you'll need to complete the "Art Activity" on a separate piece of paper. Be sure you put your best effort into it.

The Minoans practiced an acrobatic show of bull jumping as a religious ritual

"Art Activity: Find a picture of a Minoan wall painting in a book (or on a website) about the ancient Greeks. Using the picture as a guide, draw your own Minoan wall painting on a large piece of paper. Color the drawing with bright colored markers, crayons, paint, or colored pencils."

Here are some useful sources:

Ancient Greece.org

Minoan wall paintings, done about 4,000 years ago, almost look like something from a Dr. Seuss book!
The Minoans are known for extremely colorful clothes and paintings

Young boys took up boxing at an early age
Women played an important role in the religious rituals of the Minoans