Greece: Engineering an Empire

On the History Channel's Engineering an Empire: Greece, some major engineering and building achievements are described. Students are responsible for finding the answers to the following questions:

The Parthenon
Important people:
  • Themistocles (c. 525 – 460 BCE)
    • Trireme ships
  • Agamemnon (c. 1200 BCE)
    • The Iliad and the Odyssey
  • Pericles (c. 495 – 429 BCE)
    • The Parthenon
Mycenaean Civilization
1. What group of people dominates large portions of mainland Greece in 1300 BCE? Who led these people in their capital city (see map at 11:13)?

2. What was the Iliad, and who supposedly wrote it? How was it really meant to be shared?

3. What was the Lion’s Gate, and what did it symbolize about Mycenae? What architectural building technique did this structure introduce?

*What was a “tholos” tomb? Feel free to draw a sketch of one:

War with Persia
4. In September 480 BCE, what civilization tried to add Greece to their empire?

5. Briefly describe who Themistocles was.

6. How did Themistocles win the battle at Salamis?

7. In 471 BCE, Themistocles was ostracized. Why? What does being ostracized mean?

8. Briefly describe who Pericles was.

9. What was the alliance called that joined Athens together with other city-states in 478 BCE?

10. How did Athens get its name (29:15)?

The Parthenon
11. What was the Parthenon’s main function?

12. Why did many Athenians, including Plato, dislike the Parthenon?

13. Why did the Golden Age of Athens end?