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"Let us learn from the past, live wisely in the present, and prepare for the future."
This website is designed to be a resource for both students and parents who want to know more about sixth grade Social Studies, find useful information and research tools, and wish to explore the vast world around us, both past and present. 
Check back for updates and please offer your feedback or suggestions to improve this site, as its main goal is to help you find anything you might need relating to Social Studies this year.
"The students may not remember every fact, or date, or detail that you teach them. But they will remember how you made them feel about learning history."

A great mentor I had once told me this as I started my career in sixth grade, and it has guided everything I do in the classroom. 

At the archaeological site of Tharros on the island of Sardinia


High Rock/Pollard Middle School                                                                                     2005-Present
Needham, MA
Social Studies Teacher, Grade 6 
*Engage students in a dynamic curriculum consisting of ancient history and geography
*Plan, implement and assess lessons in accordance with state curriculum and district goals
*Integrate explicit instruction of expository writing and research skills
*Implement Individualized Education Plans for students with specific learning disabilities
*Collaborate with Adjustment Counselor in addressing social and emotional needs of students
*Hold students to high expectations within a safe, exciting, and challenging learning environment
*Coach new Social Studies teachers as part of Needham’s Mentor Teacher Program
*Seamlessly integrate 1-1 iPad program and other technology into the classroom
*Create and evaluate curriculum materials for historical accuracy
*Instruct Social Studies department colleagues in Classical History and methodology

High Rock Middle School                                                                                     2016-Present 
Needham, MA
NEA Building Representative 
*Representative of the Needham Education Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and the National Education Foundation
*Represent the interests and concerns of all Unit A members of the building staff
*Work collaboratively with building, department, and district leadership to advance the interests of students and teachers
*Keep all Unit A staff members informed and updated on their rights and responsibilities
*Advocate for and represent the collective interests and needs of the faculty
*Promote effective communication between building administration and staff members
*Assist staff in solving collective or individual problems
*Served on the Unit A Contract Negotiations Team for the 2016-2019 agreement with the district
*Participated in a groundbreaking program to bring teacher voices to the administrative decision-making table over the summer and school year of 2016-2017

  Additional Experience
  -Fellow, Brandeis University Examined Life Program
  -Building Representative, Professional Growth Committee
  -District Stipend Committee, Teacher Representative
  -Board Member, Needham Education Foundation (2006-2012)
  -Student Leadership Team (Student Council) Advisor (2005-2011)
  -Summer Explorations (Sixth Grade Orientation, Sports)
  -Pollard/High Rock After School Program (WWII and Cold War, Italian, Financial Literacy)
  -Pollard/High Rock Site Council
  -Pollard/High Rock Student Council
  -Pollard TAT
  -Middle School SBE Pilot Team
  -Pollard Grading Task Force

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston                                                                         2015-Present
Boston, MA
Member, Educator Advisory Board
*Advise and support the MFA’s School Programs staff in the development and promotion of services offered to school groups and teachers, so that K – 12 educators and their students may make best use of the Museum’s resources.

Milton Academy Saturday Course                                                                         2007-2012
Milton, MA
Instructor, A Taste of Italy
*Created a course to teach kids in grades 3-7 Italian language, culture, and cooking

Hillside Elementary School                                                                                     2003-2005
Needham, MA
Classroom Teacher, Grade 3
*Taught third grade class at Hillside Elementary School
*Planned, implemented and assessed lessons in accordance with state-mandated Curriculum Frameworks
*Implemented Individualized Education Plans for students with specific learning disabilities
*Collaborated with Adjustment Counselor in addressing social and emotional needs of the class
*Administered mandated assessment tools including Developmental Reading Assessment and MCAS

Avery Elementary School              2001-2003
Dedham, MA
Classroom Teacher, Grade 4
*Taught fourth grade class at Avery Elementary School
*Plan, implement and assess lessons in accordance with state-mandated Curriculum Frameworks
*Implement Individualized Education Plans for students with specific learning disabilities
*Collaborate with Special Education and Title I staff within the context of an inclusion classroom
*Administer all mandated assessment tools including Qualitative Reading Inventory and MCAS
*Implement the Bay State Literacy Grant to improve student achievement in Language Arts

  Additional Experience
  -Avery Summer Enrichment Program Coordinator
  -Avery School Site Council
  -Avery School Literacy Team
  -Bay State Readers Initiative

Special Education Instructional Aide
*Worked with third, fourth, and fifth graders on Individualized Education Plans
*Collaborated with classroom teachers and special education liaisons

Dedham High School                                                                                             2001-2002
Dedham, MA
MCAS Instructor
*Prepared evening courses for sophomores and juniors at risk of not passing the English MCAS
*Coordinated directly with the principal to assess and address students' individual needs

The B.E.L.L. Foundation                                                                                       1999 
Benjamin Banneker School, Cambridge, MA
*Taught basic math and reading skills to third and fourth graders after school


Brandeis University                                                                                                       2015
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
M.A., Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
*Archaeological field work in Rome, Italy and on the island of Crete, Greece.
*Master's Thesis: Among the Phantoms of Men Outworn: In the Tomb of Orcus, Greek Myth Illustrates Etruscan Beliefs and Political Reality.
*Brandeis Examined Life Program for Greek Studies in the Schools.
*Emphasis on Classical History, Greek and Roman mythology, archaeology, and literature.

     *Greek and Roman Mythology
     *Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
     *Magna Graecia: History and Literature
     *The Ancient Silk Road
     *Late Roman Empire
     *Etruscan History, Religion, and Eschatology

Boston College                                                                                                        2004

Lynch School of Education
M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, 3.8 GPA

     *Teaching Bilingual Children
     *Math and Technology in Teaching
     *Assessment and Test Construction
     *Math Problem Solving for Grades 4-12
     *Cooperative Learning Structures
     *Teaching Writing

Post Graduate Courses
*Unmuddling the Modern Middle East
*Assessment to Improve Learning
*Reading in the Content Areas
*Writing in the Content Areas
*Instructional Strategies That Work
*Raising Student Achievement
*Differentiation and Grading
*Performance Based Assessment
*What Great Teacher Leaders Do
*Succeeding with Difficult Students
*Understanding Adolescents

Boston University                                                                                                  2001

College of Arts and Sciences
B.A., magna cum laude
International Relations and Italian Studies

*Golden Key National Honor Society
       the top 15% of the graduating class

*Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society
       for achievement in Foreign Language and Literature

*Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society
       for achievement in Political Science

*BU Humanities Michelina Pietrangelo Award
       for excellence in the field of Italian Studies

*Senior Independent Work for Distinction
       The Second Italian Republic

*Boston University Study Abroad in Padova, Italy
       European political systems and Italian literature       

Boston Latin School                                                                                               1997

*National Honor Society
*Boston Merit Scholarship to Boston University
*AP Scholar with Distinction
*Top Tenth of Graduating Class
*Open Gate Award
*President's Award for Excellence 

Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America                                                                  1997
Me, dad, and The Cup!